Vine & Barley

Lite Fare with Local Flair

Schroon Lake, New York

About Us

Vine & Barley is located on the 2nd floor of The Towne Store in the village of Schroon Lake. The relaxed friendly vibe provides the perfect atmosphere to experience the wines from 10 local wineries and breweries or just kick back and enjoy your favorite wine or beer by the glass. You can enjoy balcony seating overlooking the village or air conditioned stylish indoor seating.

Vine & Barley offers an unique twist to the standard wine and beer tasting experience, instead of sampling only one specific winery, daily there are over a dozen different wines from a multitude of wineries for your selection. Your individualized selection is brought to you tableside in a uniquely enjoyable display. In addition to our local selections, there are numerous domestic and imported wines and beers to choose from, plus our wine slushies are a huge hit in the Adirondacks.

There is something for everyone. Our Lite Fare Menu has a distinct local flair, we source many local ingredients for our menu selections and most of our cheeses are from the upstate New York region.

  • “Such a fun place! So friendly! Can't wait til they open next year!”

    — W. Ryan

  • “Very classy! Love the ambiance and decor. I enjoyed the wine slushees.”

    — A. Batson

  • “A very nice addition to Main St. Good news to hear you'll be open again next summer.”

    — L. Richardson

  • “I loved coming in there!!!! Looking forward to the Summer already  :-)”

    — K. Keppler

  • “My girlfriends and I love your place and can't wait for next summer!”

    — K. Tomlinson

  • “Can't wait until you open next season. Miss the slushees.”

    — C. Anderson


Serving the freshest salads, soups, breads & crackers. Meat platters, fruits, dips and a variety of truffles from Saratoga Sweets.


Finest selection of artisan & gourmet cheeses. Offering a wide-range of flavors, textures and forms from imports to domestics.


More than 40 types of red and white wines from local vinyards to import and domestic brands. Fun with a variety of choices.


Come grab a cold beer. Serving over 20 of the coldest local craft, import and domestic beers in the Adirondacks.

Tavern Menu

Hand crafted artisan specialty foods, wine & beverages with a lite fare, prepared with a unique passion to deliver fresh flavorful local ingredients that will enhance your lifestyle.

Happy Hour 3-5PM SUN-THURS

Lite Fare

  • Spinach and Artichoke Dip

    Spinach & Artichoke Dip

    Served with fresh Tortilla chips.

  • Crab and Artichoke Dip

    Smoked Salmon

    Choose from dill or sweet chili, local favorite.

  • Chicken Caesar Salad

    Caesar Salad

    Croutons, parmasen, creamy caesar dressing.

  • Vintner's Special Salad

    Chicken Caesar Salad

    Fresh chicken on our famous Caesar salad.

  • Vintner's Special Salad

    Vintner's Special Salad

    Ask your server about this awesome salad.

  • Caprese Salad

    Caprese Salad

    Mozzerella, tomatoes, fresh basil & drizzle.



  • Cheese Platter

    Cheese Platter

    Choose from 10 gourmet artisan cheeses

  • Meat Platter

    Meat Platters

    Sausage, salami, pepperoni, olives, nuts.

  • Deluxe Cheese and Meat Platter

    Deluxe Cheese & Meat Platter

    Cheeses, meats, olives, nuts, crackers & breads.

  • Hummus Platter

    Hummus Platter

    A daily selections w/ Carrots & Pita chips.

  • 4 Truffle Platter

    4 Truffle Platter

    Choice of 4 flavors by Saratoga Sweets.

  • Scrumptious Soups

    Scrumptious Soups

    Daily soups served fresh & hot in 80z. Bowl.


Dry Whites

  • Isaiah, Amazing Grace

    Isaiah, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12, Blend of Traminette & Cayuga

  • Chardonnay, Amorici

    Chardonnay, Amorici

    ALC% 13, Unique blend of NY grapes

  • Chardonnay, Amorici

    Reisling, Amorici

    ALC% 12, complex floral & citrus flavors

  • Lacrosse, Hid' N Pines

    Lacrosse, Hid' N Pines

    ALC% 11.8, Clean, crisp apple & pear flavor

  • Chardonnay (unoak), Ledge RK

    Chardonnay, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 12.1, lemon zest, apple & citrus

  • Lacrosse, Hid' N Pines

    Chardonnay, Thirsty Owl

    ALC% 13, Sweet & crisp  with hints of fruit

  • GewUrtzraminer, Vesco Ridge

    GewUrtzraminer, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 13, Intense grapefruit aroma

  • Diamond, Vesco Ridge

    Diamond, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 12, Mild with citrus fruit flavors

  • Pinot Grigio, Vesco Ridge

    Pinot Grigio, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 12.5, Floral scent with a smooth finish


Sweeter Whites

  • Aiden's Estate, Amazing Grace Winery

    Aiden's Estate, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12.5, Semisweet with floral tones

  • Vignola's, Amazing Grace Winery

    Vignola's, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12.5, Reisling quality

  • Cayuga, Amorici

    Cayuga, Amorici

    ALC% 12, Dry Reisling flavor, apple & fruits

  • St.Pepin, Hid N Pines

    St.Pepin, Hid-N-Pines

    ALC% 11.8, Citrusy, zesty wine, great finish

  • Duet, Hid-N-Pines

    Duet, Hid-N-Pines

    ALC% 11.2, Resembles a sweet Reisling

  • Northern Whites, Hid-N-Pines

    Northern Whites, Hid-N-Pines

    ALC% 11.5 Various grapes smooth finish

  • Cayuga, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Cayuga, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 12, Reisling flavor, apple & fruits.

  • Diamond, Thirsty Owl

    Diamond, Thirsty Owl

    ALC% 11.4, sweet finish, fresh grape flavors

  • Reisling, Thirsty Owl

    Reisling, Thirsty Owl

    ALC% 11, Fruit forward, peaches and plum, with a bright, clean finish.

  • Snow Owl, Thirsty Owl

    Snow Owl, Thirsty Owl

    ALC% 11.3, A perfect blend of Cayuga and Seyval

  • Vignoles, Vesco Ridge

    Vignoles, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 11.25, Golden, with tropical fruit flavors

  • Sweet Harmony, Vesco Ridge

    Sweet Harmony, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 11.75, Sweet & crisp  with hints of fruit


Fruit Wines

  • Apple Dessert Wine, Amazing Grace

    Apple Dessert Wine, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12, Anytime dessert, great with truffles

  • Summer Blues, Amazing Grace

    Summer Blues, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12, 100% blueberry, port style

  • Green Apple Blanc, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Green Apple Blanc, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 7.5, Initial tartness, juicy finish

  • Just Peachy, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Just Peachy, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 7.5, Moderately sweet, flavorful

  • Sacandaga Sunset, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Sacandaga Sunset, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 7.5, Bursting with blackberries

  • Adirondack Moon, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Adirondack Moon, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 7.5, Raspberry, lingering finish

  • Soccer Mom, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Soccer Mom, Ledge R0ck

    ALC% 12, Crisp blush, cherry finish

  • Sweet Dreams, Amorici

    Sweet Dreams, Amorici

    ALC% 11.5, semi-sweet rose, blush style


Red Wines

  • Aaron's Estate, Amazing Grace

    Aaron's Estate, Amazing Grace

    ALC% 12.5, Dry, oaked red, buttery finish

  • Cabernet Franc, Amorici

    Cabernet Franc, Amorici

    ALC% 14, Oaked, estate, flowery, tart

  • Marquette, Amorici

    Marquette, Amorici

    ALC% 14, Notes of berry, cherry & spice

  • Cabernet Sauvignon, Amorici

    Cabernet Sauvignon, Amorici

    ALC% 13.75, Full bodied, black currants

  • Sweet Melody, Amorici

    Sweet Melody, Amorici

    ALC% 13.75, Full bodied,hints of rasberry

  • Burch Street, Amorici

    Burch Street, Amorici

    ALC% 12.50, Full bodied,hints of rasberry

  • Corot Noir, Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Corot Noir, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 13.4, medium body, like Pinot Noir

  • Marquette (oaked), Ledge Rock Hill Winery

    Merlot, Ledge Rock

    ALC% 13, med body, fruity with hint of oak

  • Poppy, Vesco Ridge

    Poppy, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 11.75, Distinct plum, cranberry finish

  • Cabrenet Franc, Vesco Ridge

    Cabrenet Franc, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 14, Med bodied, light style, cherry

  • Marquette, Vesco Ridge

    Marquette, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 13.50,  Complex, cherry, berry, pepper

  • Vintner's Choice, Vesco Ridge

    Vintner's Choice, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 11.75, Marquette/Syrah blend, smooth

  • Farm Truck Red, Vesco Ridge

    Farm Truck Red, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 12, Earthy taste with smokey finish

  • Sweet Melody, Vesco Ridge

    Sweet Melody, Vesco Ridge

    ALC% 12.1, full body, hints of raspberry


Craft Beer, Cider & Lemonade

  • Dacker (Scotch), Davidson Brothers Brewing Company

    Dacker (Scotch), Davidson Brothers

    Malty & full bodied, light on hopiness

  • Ryle (Seasonal), Davidson Brothers Brewing Company

    Ryle (Seasonal), Davidson Brothers

    Pale with malted rye & barley

  • Brew Free or Die, 21st Admendment

    Brew Free or Die, 21st Admendment

    Golden IPA, 3 types of hops, balanced with malt

  • Hell or High Watermelon, 21st Admendment

    Hello or High Watermelon, 21st  Ad.

    Wheat beer with kiss of watermelon flavor

  • Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

    Unified Press, Citizen Cider

    gluten-free, off-dry, crisp, clean cider

  • Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

    Woodchuck Amber Hard Cider

    Dark amber color with a clean cider finish

  • ADK Maple Hard Cider, Elf Winery

    ADK Maple Hard Cider, Elf Winery

    Huge 22oz cider with a maple finish

  • ADK Strawberry Hard Cider, Elf Winery

    ADK Strawberry Hard Cider, Elf W.

    Huge 22oz cider with a strawberry finish

  • Beaver Bite IPA, Paradox Brewery

    Beaver Bite IPA, On Draft

    1pt of Beaver Bite ice cold from our tap

  • Beaver Bite IPA, Paradox Brewery

    Shipyard Summer Ale, On Draft

    1pt of Summer Ale ice cold from our tap

  • Mike's Hard Lemonade

    Mike's Hard Lemonade

    Choose from a variety of flavors

  • Twisted Tea, Original

    Twisted Tea, Original

    Original Flavor, 5% Alcohol By Volume

  • Twisted Tea, half and half

    Twisted Tea, Half & Half

    Iced tea with lemonade, 5% Alcohol By Volume

  • Bare Naked Ale, Adirondack Brewery

    Bare Naked Ale, Adirondack Brewery

    Amber ale, crisp with toasty, fruity backbone

  • Double IPA, Adirondack Brewery

    Double IPA, Adirondack Brewery

    Enormous hops, crisp, juicy, citrus flavor

  • Switchback Ale, Switchback Brewing

    Switchback Ale, Switchback Brewing

    Unfiltered, reddish amber, malty and hoppy

  • Wylde Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing

    Wylde Pale Ale, Uinta Brewing

    Light pale ale, dry with smooth malt flavoring

  • Hop Nosh IPA, Uinta Brewing

    Hop Nosh IPA, Uinta Brewing

    7.3% ABV, bright hop & smooth hop flavor

  • Big Slide IPA, Lake Placid

    Big Slide IPA, Lake Placid

    Big taste, slightly piney, 7.0% ABV


Domestic & Import Beer

  • 600 of years of brewing expertise

    Stella Artois

    600 of years of brewing expertise

  • 600 of years of brewing expertise

    Stella Artois Cidre

    A dry balanced Belgian-Style cider

  • Budweiser The great American lager beer


    The great American lager beer

  • Bud Light

    Bud Light

    Famous light American pale lager beer

  • Michelob Ultra

    Michelob Ultra

    Perfectly balanced Low-Carb lager

  • Coors Light

    Coors Light

    American-Style low calorie light lager

  • Coors Beer


    Brewed with rocky mountain spring water

  • Yuengling


    Oldest brewing company in the United States

  • Corona Beer


    Pale lager produced by Cervecería Modelo

  • Corona Light Beer

    Corona Light

    Carbs: 5.0g - Calories: 105 - Alcohol: 4.5%

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    Belgian white witbier, by MillerCoors

  • Samuel Adams

    Samuel Adams Summer Ale

    Summer seasonal wheat ale

  • Miller Lite

    Miller Lite

    4.2% ABV Pale Lager


Wine Slushies & Sangria

  • Red Wine Slushies

    Red Wine Slushies

    Artisan blend of taste & style. A local Favorite

  • White Wine Slushies

    White Wine Slushies

    Perfect for hot summer days, tasty & fun

  • Fruit Wine Slushies


    Fun flavors, local ingredients, delicious



  • Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite

    Coke, Diet Coke & Sprite

    Manufactured by Coca-Cola

  • IBC Root Beer

    IBC Root Beer

    Root Beer

  • Snapple Iced Tea

    Snapple Iced Tea

    Choose from a variety of Diet & Regular flavors


Upcoming Events

Join us next summer with special guests and live entertainment & cool off to the best Wine Slushies in the Adirondacks.

Fall Specials

Sept/Oct, 2016

Last chance for 2 for 1 beer specials! Also, Wine Slushies & Food Specials each Saturday on the second floor of the Towne Store at the Vine & Barley - Wine Tasting & Beer Tavern.

End of Season Hours

Saturdays Only

Sadly the season is winding down and we have new business hours.  Saturday October 1st and Saturday October 8th. We will be open on these days only, till closing on October 8th.

Free Drinks Coupon

Now till October

For a limited time, "Like us" on Facebook and Vine & Barley will offer a free drink coupon with purchase of any light fare order from our tavern menu. Limited one per customer.

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Contact Info

  • 1089 Main Street, Schroon Lake, NY. 12870
    2nd Floor of The Towne Store
  • 2PM-8PM Saturday's till closing Oct., 8th
  • (518) 532-9954

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